Travelite Trend Spinner 55cm Black

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Travelite’s Trend range of suitcases is a good value-for-money hard suitcase that has a 4-wheel system, built-in TSA combination lock to secure your bag and comes in a bright range of colours


Travelite Trend is a value-for-money hard suitcase that comes with all the important features you need at an affordable price. It has a Polypropylene outer shell, a wide body to pack more clothes and other items inside and comes in bright colours such as yellow and orange.

For the conservative traveler who doesn’t want to attract too much attention, there is also a black tone. Inside the suitcase there is a divider board that you will use to separate your packing. This helps when you want to pack certain items on one side like your shoes and jackets, and you other belongings inside the other shell. The inside is fully lined with material.

For security, the bag closes by means of a nylon self-repairing zip and you lock it using the TSA combination lock that is built into the suitcase. You will need a TSA combination lock for all travel to and within the United States. The bag also comes with a 3 year warranty.


- 4 Wheeler suitcase for easy mobility

- Retractable locking recess trolley handle system

- Hardwearing material

- Built-in TSA combination lock

- Internal divider to separate packing



MODEL 4-Wheel hard suitcase

MATERIAL Polypropylene plastic

WEIGHT 3.1 kg


DIMENSIONS 55.0 x 38.0 x 28.0 cm

WARRANTY 3 Year Warranty